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Wednesday, 04 August 2021
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Първите 24 ч. от огромния пожар под Сенокос (фейсбук)

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marshruti-bg_smallGreen trail - It starts at the village center, heads northwards and turns right along a track behind the bar. After about a kilometer, it passes through the Chakarska neighborhood, frozen in time since almost a century. At the end of the village, one must take a steep horse path, leading to the Sveti Nikola Hill. The path divides in two, and the right deviation reaches the Gradishte locality: a vast flat saddle, where one can clearly see why the village was called Senokos (haymaking). Length of trail (forth and back) -about 2 hours, average difficulty.

White (circular) trail - It starts at the Vezenkova neighborhood and heads westwards, partly following an existing track. After half an hour and a deviation through a young pine forest, it reaches the Kamaka rock offering a panoramic view of the Strouma River valley and Pirin Mountains. The path turns southwards and - curving through meadows and gardens - reaches an asphalt road close to the neighborhood of Dyakovtsi. There one could take a rest at the local dairy and taste the fresh cheese and yogurt. The road continues to Arnautska neighborhood, turns left (to the north-east) and goes up and over the hill, to the Dimovtsi neighborhood. From there, the trail follows a track, descending by the Mazneva neighborhood and turning left and downward to Vezenkovtsi neighborhood just before the SvetaMarena locality. Length of trail - about 3 hours, difficulty below the average.

Red and yellow trails - Starting together at the village center, they follow the main road and reach the riverbed. Before the bridge, one must turn left and follow a track, passing by the neighborhoods of Garkovtsi and Papchiovtsi (which, unlike the central neighborhood, look more like a bunch of houses scattered along the hill). A little before Minovtsi neighborhood, the trail leaves the track and turns left to follow a steep horse path, which winds around hills and ravines amidst deciduous and - later on -coniferous forests. After an hour, the trail passes through the locality of Arnautskite Livadi, meets the track Senokos-Shirinata, and then turns left along a steep cart road. Soon it crosses the river close to a waterfall, and reaches the Voditsa locality (a small widening of the track Senokos-Shirinata with water and fireplace, suitable for a short rest). Here the two trails separate:

- Yellow trail continues along the track and, after 15 minutes, reaches the vast meadows of
Shirinata locality. Overall length of trail - 5 hours, difficulty above the average.

- Red trail continues steeply upwards through a young pine forest, which soon ends and the path
becomes wider. Then comes the Koprivite locality: a small clearing with big rocks on one side,
forming a natural shelter, and a larger meadow with an old farm. After Koprivite, the path
enters the territory of the Pirin National Park and leads to the locality of Boyov Chukar (known
also as Belyov, Bulyov, Boyuv, etc.) and the Pirin Peak. Overall length of trail - 7 hours to the
boundary of Pirin NP, very difficult.

Blue (circular) trail - It also starts at the village center, descends by the church, the Village Hall, and the beautiful but almost fallen Popova House-a former inn and a heritage from better times. The trail goes down to the river and crosses it along a small wooden bridge. The path is not difficult, but it is slow due to the abundance of rasp-and blueberry bushes, especially during their season. It passes above the last houses of Vezenkovtsi neighborhood, heads upwards and crosses the asphalt road Senokos-Dyakovtsi; then it turns to follow the road to Kalaydzhiiska neighborhood. The trail crosses it and -winding amidst meadows and gardens - reaches the Maznevski ridge below Maznevska neighborhood. Crossing the track Senokos-Shirinata, it descends through a beautiful beech forest towards the river and Papchiovtsi neighborhood. Then the trail goes down by the neighborhood of Garkovtsi, along a track, and ends at the starting point. Length of trail - 2 hours, difficulty below the average.


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